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Introducting New NICO Faculty Members

December 2017   NICO is excited to welcome new faculty members into our midst: Dashun Wang and Hyejin Youn!

Wednesdays@NICO 2018 Seminar Series returns on January 17th

December 2017   The winter speaker series runs from January 17 through February 28, 2018.

First Data Science Night Kicks Off With Over 100 Attendees

November 2017   Northwestern University hosted its first, official Data Science Night, or “hack night,” in November 2017 with over 100 attendees.

In These Small Cities, AI Advances Could Be Costly

October 2017   A new MIT study (co-authored by Hyejin Youn) finds that larger cities are more resilient to technological unemployment.

IDEO buys Chicago data science firm Datascope, founded by NU Alumni Dean Malmgren and Mike Stringer

October 2017   IDEO is planning a new offering called Design for Augmented Intelligence and has added 15 data scientists from Datascope with this acquisition.

Better Together: Breakthrough Science the Northwestern Way

October 2017   The University is a leader in teaching, practicing, and promoting team science.

Do Earthquakes Have a ‘Tell’?

October 2017   New research from Kevin Chao, a data scientist and seismologist, uses "deep tremor" to forecast strong earthquakes.

Ágnes Horvát and Dashun Wang Give Keynotes at Annual IC2S2 Conference

July 2017   Horvát spoke about the hidden signals of collective intelligence in crowdfunding, while Wang presented research on predictive signals behind success.

NICO Researchers Present Findings at NetSci 2017

June 2017   NICO faculty present research at the NetSci 2017 International School and Conference on Network Science on topics such as computational social science, social networks, data science, and more.

Visual Thinking Lab Unites Journalists, Engineers and Data Scientists to Solve Real-world Problems

April 2017   Professor Steve Franconeri's Visual Thinking Lab brings together journalists, engineers, and data visualization researchers to solve real-world problems.

Michael Jewett Receives 2017 Teaching Excellence Award

April 2017   Professor Jewett received a 2017 Charles Deering McCormick Professor of Teaching Excellence Award, which celebrates excellence, innovation, and influence in undergraduate teaching.

Teresa Woodruff Named 2017 Guggenheim Fellow

April 2017   Professor Teresa Woodruff was named a 2017 Guggenheim Fellow in support of her research into reproductive health and fertility preservation.

Using Cell Phone Data to Predict the Next Epidemic

April 2017   Research from Professor Dashun Wang examines if data science can be used to predict the spread of viral epidemics.

The Surprising Speed with Which We Become Polarized Online

April 2017   Research by Professor Brian Uzzi and a team of researchers at IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca examines how users isolate themselves in social media echo chambers.

School Shootings Rise and Fall with the Unemployment Rate

March 2017   Research by Adam Pah and Professor Luis Amaral set out to quantify gun violence at US schools and made a surprising discovery.

School Shootings and Jobless Rate May Be Linked, Study Finds

January 2017   NBC News covers research by Adam Pah and Professor Luis Amaral on school shootings.

Shootings in US Schools are Linked to Increased Unemployment

January 2017   A rigorous Northwestern study of a quarter-century of data has found that economic insecurity is related to the rate of gun violence at K-12 and postsecondary schools in the United States.

We're Learning to Predict Who Will Have the Greatest Career Impact

December 2016   In Forbes, Professor Dashun Wang discusses his research on how peak impact can happen at any time in a scientist’s career.

Will Machines Ever Truly Understand Us?

December 2016   In a Kellogg Insight Podcast, Brian Uzzi, David Ferrucci, and Sandra Waxman discuss how the relationship between humans and computers is deepening.

Let’s Get Together: Collaboration Patterns Vary Between Male and Female Scientists

November 2016   Professor Luis Amaral discusses his new research on collaboration patterns.

Study Finds Female Faculty Are Underrepresented in Genomics

November 2016   New research by Professors Luis Amaral and Teresa Woodruff shows the playing field for female faculty in STEM disciplines is not always as level as it appears.

When it Comes to Success, Age Really is Just a Number

November 2016   The New York Times covers new research by Professor Dashun Wang on scientific careers.

Why a Scientist’s Big Break May Be Just Around the Corner

November 2016   New research by Professor Dashun Wang shows that a researcher's most successful paper can occur at any point in his or her career.

Think You Understand Why Ideas Go Viral? Big Data May Change Your Mind

October 2016   From tweets to scientific discoveries, Professor Dashun Wang and Microsoft's Duncan Watts discuss how human behavior is more predictable than you might think.

Wilensky Wins 2016 Excellence in Design Award

September 2016   Northwestern Professor Uri Wilensky has received the prestigious 2016 Excellence in Educational Design Award for the design and development of NetLogo.

How Long Will it Take to Break Usain Bolt’s 100-meter Dash Record?

August 2016   Professor Luis Amaral calculates it may take up to 230 years.

Big Data is Helping Northwestern Experts Unlock the Secrets of Creativity and Connection

June 2016   From Broadway to biomedicine and the DC Beltway, data science is helping Northwestern experts unlock the secrets of creativity and connection.

McCormick Making a Difference in New Era of Data Science

May 2016   With strengths in computer science, data analytics and whole-brain thinking, the McCormick School of Engineering is pushing data science research, education, and collaboration forward at the school and across the University.

Spreading the Word and Sharing the Tools of Data Science

May 2016   Professor Luis Amaral explains how data science initiatives provide tools, knowledge, and connections to take research further.

Data Science Transforming Northwestern Research

May 2016   Data Science is a seismic shift in how faculty are doing research and how students are learning at Northwestern.

2016 World Wide Web (WWW) Best Paper Prize

April 2016   Brian Uzzi won the Best Paper Prize at the 25th International World Wide Web Conference, becoming the first social scientist to win the prestigious computer science prize.

Code Read: Sociologists Bring Digital Approach to Text Analysis

February 2016   Research from NICO Postdoctoral Fellow Laura Nelson and a team of sociologists is featured in the February Northwestern Research newsletter.

How Humans Plus Machines Will Equal Amazing Advancements

February 2016   Moran Cerf and Brian Uzzi write in Entrepreneur about the benefits of human and machine collaboration.

Researchers Pinpoint Place Where Cancer Cells May Begin

January 2016   A multidisciplinary team co-led by Richard W. Carthew and Luís A.N. Amaral used fruit fly genetics to understand how things could go wrong in cancer.

What You Need to Know about Making Money in 2016

January 2016   Brian Uzzi is featured in an Inc. article about the collaboration between people and machines.

Network Control: Letting Noise Lead the Way

September 2015   Northwestern researchers, including Professor William Kath, leverage randomness in a new computational approach to keep cells healthy.

Programming Boot Camp Attracts Diverse Participants

September 2015   More than 230 participants representing 10 schools learned programming skills needed to collect, process, and analyze data.

Merging Big Data with Social Science

May 2015   NICO co-organized Kellogg’s first-ever Computational Social Science Summit that featured collaboration and human-machine partnerships.

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