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Visiting Scholars

Feld, Scott

Visiting Scholar, 2010
Professor of Sociology, Purdue University

Phone: 787-970-7989

Scott Feld is Professor of Sociology at Purdue University. He has published over sixty articles, including twelve published in the most prestigious journals in the fields of Sociology and Political Science. His ongoing research interests involve:

  • Causes and consequences of patterns in social networks
  • Processes of individual and collective decision making
  • Applications of sociology, most recently including innovations in marriage and divorce laws (covenant marriage).

Spiro, Jarrett

Visiting Scholar, 2012
Data Scientist at Humana

Jarett Spiro is a Data Scientists at Humana. He is a researcher with experience analyzing large, semi-structured and unstructured databases. His research produced several insights, including: how to increase team performance, identify social network structures that foster innovation and creativity, and provide improved frameworks for organizations to make sense of their environment, increasing the organizations’ effectiveness and efficiency. Before joining Humana he was an Assistant Professor at INSEAD.

Vedres, Balazs

Visiting Scholar, 2014
Associate Professor, Central European University

Balazs Vedres' research furthers the agenda of understanding historical dynamics in network systems, combining insights from historical sociology, social network analysis, and studies of complex systems in physics and biology. His contribution is to combine historical sensitivities to patterns of processes in time with a network analytic sensitivity to patterns of connectedness cross-sectionally. Over the last decade, Balazs Vedres developed data collection and analysis techniques to handle large historical datasets. His research results were published in the top journals of sociology, his most recent publication in the American Journal of Sociology analyzes generative tensions in the historical evolution of business groups.

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