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Past Visiting Scholars

Scott Feld

Visiting Scholar, 2010
Professor of Sociology, Purdue University

Scott Feld is Professor of Sociology at Purdue University. He has published over sixty articles, including twelve published in the most prestigious journals in the fields of Sociology and Political Science. His ongoing research interests involve: 1) Causes and consequences of patterns in social networks, 2) Processes of individual and collective decision making, and 3) Applications of sociology, most recently including innovations in marriage and divorce laws (covenant marriage).

Liqiang Huang

Visiting Scholar, 2019-2020
Associate Professor, Zhejiang University

Liqiang Huang is an Associate Professor of Management at School of Management, Zhejiang University. His main research interests include digital commerce and consumer behavior, and he was also a data scientist at Alibaba group focusing on the digital product development.

Sonya Lim

Visiting Scholar, 2017
Associate Professor of Finance, DePaul University

Sonya Lim is an Associate Professor of Finance at the Driehaus College of Business, DePaul University.  Her main research interests are in the area of behavioral finance, and she has examined the effects of mental accounting, limited attention, overconfidence, trust, and culture on financial decision making and stock prices.

Matthias Leiss

Visiting Scholar, 2014
Senior Business Analyst, Swiss Re

Matthias Leiss is a Senior Business Analyst at Swiss Re. Previously, he was a Post Doctoral Fellow at ETH Zürich. His research focused on financial modeling, risk management, econometrics, and computational social science.

Maria Rita Micheli

Visiting Scholar, 2013
Assistant Professor, Erasmus University

Professor Micheli is an Assistant Professor at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University. Her research areas include: business model innovation, social networks, and knowledge sharing.

Christian Schulz

Visiting Scholar, 2014
PhD Student, ETH Z├╝rich

Christian Schulz is a PhD student at ETH Zürich. He is interested in the evolution of large collaborative communities like the network of scientists, software developers and other open online communities that enable highly collaborative work. In his dissertation, he analyzes social network data using calibrated agent-based models.

Jarrett Spiro

Visiting Scholar, 2012
Data Scientist at Humana

Jarett Spiro is a Data Scientists at Humana. He is a researcher with experience analyzing large, semi-structured and unstructured databases. His research produced several insights, including: how to increase team performance, identify social network structures that foster innovation and creativity, and provide improved frameworks for organizations to make sense of their environment, increasing the organizations’ effectiveness and efficiency. Before joining Humana he was an Assistant Professor at INSEAD.

Balazs Vedres

Visiting Scholar, 2014
Associate Professor, Central European University

Balazs Vedres is a network scientist, director of the Center for Network Science and associate professor at the Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology, at Central European University.

Wen Zhou

Visiting Scholar, 2013 - 2015
Associate Professor, Shanghai University

Wen Zhou is Associate Professor of Computer Science at School of Computer Engineering and Science at Shanghai University. She received her PhD from School of Computer Engineering and Science at Shanghai University. Zhou's research has covered various subjects of computer science and management science including: data mining algorithms and applications, text mining, innovation, knowledge flow on inter-organization network, and social network analysis. Her work has examined several areas including Chinese automobile industry.
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