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NICO supports and sponors a variety of conferences that promote computational research. Learn more about some of the past events that our faculty and researchers have participated in.

Past Conferences

Northwestern Computational Research Day

April 19, 2016 and April 18, 2017
Norris University Center, Northwestern University

The annual Northwestern Computational Research Day is hosted by Northwestern Information Technology (IT) and sponsored in conjunction with Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences, McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science, Kellogg School of Management, Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern’s Office for Research, The Graduate School, and Northwestern University Libraries. Corporate sponsors include IBM, Amazon Web Services, Lenovo, HPE/SGI, and Matrix Integration.

In conjunction with CIERA, NICO sponsors the poster session at this annual event.

Chicago Area SIAM Student Conference

April 15, 2017
Ford Motor Company Engineering Design Center, Northwestern University

The Chicago Area SIAM Student Conference (CASSC), an event organized by the Illinois Institute of Technology, Northwestern University, and the University of Illinois at Chicago SIAM Chapters, is aimed at promoting applied mathematics among the youngest research community. CASSC is a conference that highlights the application of mathematics across diverse disciplines, including engineering, computer science, biology, chemistry, social sciences, and physics.

NICO is a sponsor of this annual conference.

2nd Annual International Conference on Computational Social Science (IC2S2)

June 22-26, 2016
Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

This 2nd Annual International Conference on Computational Social Science is an interdisciplinary event designed to engage a broad community of researchers  academics, industry experts, open data activists, government agency workers, and think tank analysts – dedicated to advancing social science knowledge through computational methods.

NICO was an institutional partner and co-organizer of this conference.

Computational Social Science Summit

May 15-17, 2015
Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

The 2015 Computational Social Science Summit was designed to create a broad community of social science researchers dedicated to advancing sociological knowledge through computational methods.

NICO was a co-organizer of this event.

Although teams have been an integral part of how society has organized for centuries, the digital revolution is dramatically changing the nature of how teams assemble and interact. Indeed, teams are considered critical in addressing the grandest societal challenges of our day. There is an increasing awareness that network science has the potential for offering important theoretical and methodological insights in understanding and enabling 21st century team performance. This workshop sought to catalyze a dialog among a community of thought leaders on teams and multi-team systems, network theory, and computational science.

NICO was a co-organizer of this event.

Science of Team Science Conference 2013

June 24-27, 2013
Jacobs Center, Northwestern University

The Annual International Science of Team Science (SciTS) Conference is a forum to enhance our understanding of how best to engage in Team Science to meet society’s needs. The SciTS Conference serves as a point of convergence for investigators studying science teams and Team Science leaders/practitioners, to engage funding agencies to provide guidance on developing and managing Team Science initiatives, and to afford data providers and analytics developers insight into collaboration tracking and analysis needs.

NICO was a co-organizer of this conference.


June 18-22, 2012
Jacobs Center, Northwestern University

NICO and SONIC brought to Northwestern two of the premier conferences in Network Science: NetSci 2012 and Web Science 2012.  The two events were very successful, attracting more than 400 attendees from around the world to the venue at Kellogg's Jacobs Center.
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