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NICO Reading Group

Welcome to NICO’s Reading group! We are an informal crowd of people that is interested in complexity. We are interdisciplinary and cross-departmental and touch upon all the diverse aspects of complexity science.

We welcome all staff and faculty to attend and have regular attendants from Kellogg, McCormick, Feinberg and Weinberg with backgrounds across the scientific spectrum, ranging from data science to management to biology to computer science to physics and mathematics. We enjoy discussing papers outside of our own expertise and to learn from these discussions while interjecting our own background and experience into the topic. Often we engage in lively discussions about topics covered in the “Wednesday @ NICO” seminar series or papers suggested by one of our attendees.

Frequent topics are data science and modeling methods, interaction networks, scaling laws, emergence and feedback loops, while the systems in which these are discussed range from molecules to neurons to humans to social networks to global economies. We encourage a positive and welcoming atmosphere in which one can appreciates the bigger picture of complexity and its concepts and some of the tensions faced in studying complex systems.

Our goal is to promote mutual understanding and personal ties among people of different schools and departments, which share a common curiosity about complexity science.

We meet every Friday at NICO (Chambers Hall, 600 Foster Street) at 12pm. If you want to join the group, you can simply drop by at any of our meetings, or sign up to our mailing list, which will deliver the discussed papers right into your inbox.

Our NICO Reading Group is currently organized and hosted by Wouter Vermeer, a PostDoc from NICO. If you have any questions, or would simply like to know more about our group, he will be very happy to answer your emails, and to introduce you to the fellow members of our group.

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