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NICO 101 / 401

NICO 101: Introduction to Programming for Big Data



Our digital, connected, sensor rich world is generating extraordinary amounts of data (“Big Data”) that are being used for purposes as diverse as teaching a computer to win at Jeopardy or offering taxi alternatives. The skills needed to go from data to knowledge and application, which go under the name of Data Science, are in big demand in industry, government, and academia. This course provides an introduction to the foundational skills needed by data scientists. Prior knowledge of programming is not needed.


Intended primarily for undergraduate and graduate students. Postdoctoral students and staff must contact NICO before registering. Students will need an up-to-date laptop running Linux, OS X, or Windows 7 or higher. Chromebooks will not be permitted. Prior to the start of the course, students must install several packages and verify that they run properly on their machine. Lecture materials are available online.


There will be about six homework assignments involving the writing of Python code for solving specific problems. Students’ solutions will be uploaded to a server where they will be unit tested. All students will be expected to attend lectures and complete in class assignments.


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