The Mechanics of Network Formation and Diffusion of Topics in Social Media Sites

Wednesdays@NICO Seminar, Noon, January 18 2012, Chambers Hall, Lower Level

Dr. James Bagrow, Northwestern University


Today’s online social networks and social media sites contain a combination of social and informational ties that serve as bridges for different types of information to flow. An example of such a social network is Twitter, where many users follow both their friends as well as others that they may not know; celebrities, news media accounts, and politicians. In this talk, I will discuss aspects of how these networks form and how different topics diffuse differently through them. I will also show how studying network formation and information diffusion on social media sites can be useful for gaining sociological insights as well as improving the sites.


Daniel M. Romero is a Ph.D candidate at the Center for Applied Mathematics of Cornell University. He works under the supervision of Professor Jon Kleinberg. His main research interest is the empirical and theoretical analysis of the evolution of online social and information networks.