Connectivity Matrix Analysis of Excitatory Cortical Networks


Wednesdays@NICO Seminar, Noon, October 10 2007, Chambers Hall, Lower Level

Prof. Gordon Shepherd, Northwestern University


Cortical layering is a hallmark of mammalian neocortex, and a major determinant of local synaptic circuit organization in sensory systems. In motor cortex, the functional organization of cortical circuits across layers has not been resolved. We developed a general approach for estimating layer-specific connectivity in cortical circuits. Applying this to mouse motor cortex, we obtained a laminar presynaptic-to-postsynaptic connectivity matrix. These data show the basic (stereotypic) intracortical pathways, allow us to model the flow of excitation within the cortex, and provide a quantitative ‘wiring diagram’ framework for understanding information processing in the local cortical networks involved in motor control.